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Terms of business

  1. About us

    Witheridge Garage is a family run business, established in 1969. We are known for supplying quality agricultural machinery across the UK and abroad.

    We are a company registered with company number 07279484 and our registered address is Highfield Yard, Nomansland, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 8NW.

  2. Terms and Conditions

    Whenever we sell any item of machinery or vehicle to you, our terms and conditions will apply. A copy of these can be viewed by clicking here

    Below is a brief explanation of some of the main terms, but if any of these are inconsistent with our terms and conditions, then the official terms will prevail.

  3. Delivery

    Please let us know if you would like the machinery to be delivered to you, or collected from the site.

    When collecting, delivery will be completed when you collect the goods.

    When we are arranging delivery, delivery will be completed when the goods are left at the delivery/shipping location.

  4. Quality of the Goods

    All of our retail machines go through a thorough check by our experienced workshop team prior to delivery.

    Retail machines receive the following checks in the workshop environment:

Axles & Wheels

Front tyres & Pressures
Rear tyres & Pressures
Brake connections
Steering mounting
Front wheel nuts
Wheel rim fixings
King pin/grease points
Front axle grease points
Handbrake (unladen)
Power steering


Seat fixings/adjustments
Number plate
Seat belt/anchors


Flashing Beacons (If fitted)
Front & rear side lights
Front & rear indicators
Hazard lights
Brake lights
Work lights
Registration plate lights
Reversing lights
7 Pin connector


Front windscreen/wipers
Rear windscreen/wipers
Side windows
Inside mirrors
Wing mirrors


PTO guard & on/off control
Pick up hitch & lock
Hydraulic lift arms
Top link
Lift arm assembly
Check chain wear
Engine oil level
Transmission oil level
Hydraulic oil level
Radiator level & cap
Fan belt
Fuel tank cap
Oil/water leaks
Battery levels & fixing
Throttle cable
Gear selector linkage
Air conditioning
Heating system

Front Linkage/PTO

Front linkage funtioning
Mid mount/Joystick
Front hydraulic services
Front PTO (if fitted)

Trailed Machines

PTO guard and shaft
Hydraulic lift arms
Air brake connections
Hyd brake connections
Parking brake cabling
Cable mounting
Road lighting


  1. We warrant that any of our goods are of reasonable quality at the date they are delivered. However, our business is selling used machinery, and no other warranty can be given.

    We would welcome independent inspection of any of our machines, to make sure you are completely happy before you buy.

    In most cases, we can arrange an extended warranty at an additional cost. Please let us know if you would like us to do this.

    If a fault develops and you contact us in a reasonable period of time after purchase, and we agree that there was a fault with the machine at the time of delivery, we reserve the right to either repair or replace the machine before offering a refund. Please contact us as soon as possible and do not continue to use the machine.

  2. Title

    We ask for full payment prior to delivery for all machinery. However, if we do decide to invoice you, then you will not own the machinery until the price has been fully paid.

  3. Price and Payment

    The price of any machinery will be displayed on our website or the order form, but we are allowed to amend the price if:

    • There is a genuine mistake on an order form or website entry; or
    • Something happens outside of our control which increases our costs.

    We require that you pay in full for any goods before we will deliver them or allow you to collect.

  4. Liability

    We would urge you to read clause 10 of our terms which states that our total liability is capped at the full price of any goods you buy. This cap includes any hire charges or loss of earnings you incur, and if we offer a full refund we will not be liable for these extra costs.

Website Terms

  1. Ownership

    We own the website and its contents. Any attempt to copy it or use it for commercial purposes, to delete, modify, alter or distribute the site or any part of it without our written permission is strictly forbidden. Certain links, including hypertext links, in our site will take you outside our site. Links are provided for your convenience and inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or approval by us of the linked site, its operator or its content. We are not responsible for the content of any website outside our site.

  2. Content Accuracy

    We endeavour to make sure that any entries on our website relating to the specifications of machinery are accurate, but we reserve the right to make any amendments before completing any order.

    We would urge you to double check the specification of any machinery before purchasing.

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